What is Domains & Subdomains Discovery?

Our Domains & Subdomains Discovery service lets users uncover all domains and subdomains that contain specified search terms such as a company, brand, third-party name, etc.

Do you offer GUI tools that give the same data as Domains & Subdomains Discovery API?

Yes, we offer two types of domains and subdomains discovery tools:

  • Domains & Subdomains Discovery Lookup: A readily accessible web-based service that allows users to get all of the domains and subdomains that contain specific strings. It provides customized links to the results for user searches.
  • Domains & Subdomains Discovery Search: Like the lookup tool, this is a web-based service that anyone with access to the Domain Research Suite (DRS) can readily use. It has an advanced search feature that lets users include as many search terms as they want and even excludes results, if necessary.

Do you offer a free trial? How much does using Domains & Subdomains Discovery cost?

Yes, we offer a free subscription plan with a limited number of queries. Learn more about free and paid Domains & Subdomains Discovery plans here.

What are the benefits of domains and subdomains tracking?

Domains and subdomains discovery can help with:

  • Cybercrime prevention: Companies that need to know if domains and subdomains that they do not own contain their organization name or brand can use our tools to mitigate phishing and other malware-enabled attacks.
  • Cybersecurity solution enhancement: Security and other software developers can integrate the Domains & Subdomains Discovery API into their products and solutions to protect users from potentially harmful domains.
  • Blacklist expansion: Users can add all suspicious domains and subdomains to their publicly available lists of indicators of compromise (IoCs) to strengthen cyber protection.
  • Marketing research source addition: Scrutinizing competitors’ newly created domains and subdomains can help users identify potential business expansion avenues.
  • Brand protection: Users can help customers and other stakeholders avoid falling for look-alike domains capitalizing on their brands with the help of our domains and subdomains discovery tools.

What makes Domains & Subdomains Discovery different from other solutions? How comprehensive is your data?

The results of Domains & Subdomains Discovery API and tools come from access to extensive passive Domain Name System (pDNS) data. We have been tracking additions to the DNS since 2012. As such, our database contains over 2.3 billion subdomains related to 774 million domains and counting that cover more than 7,596 top-level domains (TLDs).

I want to learn more about DNS concepts. Do you have a good resource available?

Yes, we put together this Domain Name System Primer that contains detailed explanations on the DNS and how it works.

Do you have a tutorial to help me get started with domains and subdomains discovery tools?

Yes, take a look at this detailed step-by-step guide about how to use Domains & Subdomains Discovery as part of the Domain Research Suite (DRS).