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Domains & Subdomains Discovery Lookup: Get lists of domains or subdomains containing a specified term

List all domains or subdomains that include a given term for use cases such as asset discovery, brand protection, and phishing prevention. Test our Domains & Subdomains Discovery Lookup now. Download our product sheet to learn more.

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What is Domains & Subdomains Discovery Lookup?

Domains & Subdomains Discovery Lookup allows you to identify all domains and subdomains that contain specific terms. You can discover domains only, subdomains only, or both. Also, you can specify where the search term should be placed in the domain name: start with, end with, contains, and so on, to narrow down the results according to your needs. We provide the most complete and up-to-date information about all domains and subdomains for 7,596 TLDs in a convenient and unified format. We have been collecting data for more than 10 years, adding an average of more than 1 million newly discovered subdomains daily.

Domains & Subdomains Discovery Lookup

Practical usage of a subdomain list

Enrich cybersecurity research

Enrich cybersecurity research

Obtain extensive lists of domains and subdomains with hostname terms related to instances of cybercrime, even if they are not included yet as indicators of compromise (IoCs). Use them to protect users against harmful spam, malicious websites, network infiltration, and other attacks.

Improve your Marketing research

Know what competitors are up to based on their subdomain creations and the presence of third-party applications’ names in subdomains.

Improve your Marketing research
Protect your brand

Protect your brand

Thwart brandjackers and copyright and trademark infringers from violating your ownership rights and damaging your brand reputation. Lookalike domains and subdomains can trick some users into thinking they are dealing with you when they are not.